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Mpesu-prenuer Resellers opportunity- Make 100% profit!

By Nomusa Precious Buthelezi
Mpesu-prenuer Resellers opportunity- Make 100% profit! picture

iMpesu is a natural aphrodisiac.

It gives you a quick and effortless erection. 

It improves sexual performance ,stops early
 ejaculation + increases semen volume therefore makes a
man more fertile. 

Mpesu ensures you get a quick erection
after ejaculation. You get aroused quickly again.

Mpesu ensure that you can have sex often without losing the desire.

Its is suitable for men with diabetes.

Men + women who have sex often are more healthier.


2 Mpesu products

Mpesu Instant Libido Booster (bottles)

-Add luke warm water,shake well, drink half and you can drink the other half the next day.
-Allow 4 hours before activity after taking Mpesu, some have reported Mpesu working in 2 hours
-Take Mpesu on an empty stomach 
-If you have diabetes, this is your solution
-100% natural


Mpesu Libido Booster powder  (Sachets)

-Put 1 teaspoon of Mpesu in hot water in a cup and drink everything once cool.

-You can also prepare Mpesu whole packet in 1 litre Mageu 3 days in advance, mix and store out of the frigde, drink a cup on the day of activity.


You can earn from your community and sell Mpesu- Choose 1 of 3 Packages:

  1. 10 x 80g sachets +10 x 500ml bottles for R900 Mpesupreneur Bronze Package
  2. 20 x 80g sachets + 20x 500ml bottles for R1600 Mpesupreneur Silver Package
  3. 50 x 80g sachets + 50x 500ml bottles R3100 Mpesupreneur Gold Package

Selling price for each Mpesu item is R80, you make 100% profit.

All orders are shipped Saturday morning

-Choose your package option


-Make payment by clicking on the link below:

Mpesupreneur Bronze Package


Mpesupreneur Silver Package


Mpesupreneur Gold Package


-Send your details and PoP to


076 738 5285 Capitec linked 


Branding with your personal contact details for Marketing (Digital) can be made on request for a fee of R50

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