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Mpesu libido booster 20 grams picture

Venda Powder for men


-Put 1 teaspoon of Mpesu in hot water in a cup and drink everything once cool.


You can also prepare Mpesu whole packet…

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Glycerine soap with hemp oil picture

Extremely effective in promoting skin health!

  1. Doesn’t dry out the skin: It doesn’t contain any triclosan which dries your skin out. It even feels good…
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Pimples & acne soap picture


Coconut oil


Hemp oil

Organic plant material

Activated charcoal

Spearmint essential oil

Glycerin soap picture

Benefits. Glycerin soap is gentler on skin than most soaps, making it a good choice for people who have particularly dry or sensitive skin, glycerin …

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Anti-crack heel sets picture

Silicone and stretchy

Fitness gloves picture

Anti-slip gym gloves set

Slim tights picture

Holds tummy in-place all day

Yoga mats picture

Yoga mats for indoor and outdoor exercises

Water bottles 600ml complete seal picture

BPA free, suitable for all day use to help keep track with drinking 8 glasses a day, carry on a workout and everywhere

Afro hair bun picture

8inch (20 cm) large bun

Umgalelo soap picture

For sensitive skin


Umgalelo tissue oil picture
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